4 Things To Do Before Moving

truck-24360__180Whether you’re buying your first apartment or moving to a bigger home, relocating all of your belongings is stressful and costly, unless you keep in mind the following:

Careful planning

Even if you intend to hire one of the many New York City moving companies, create a plan of action well ahead of time. A notebook and a set of printable checklists will be very helpful to keep important records in one place.

Moving across town may not be too much of a problem, but if you have to relocate to another city, you will need to make appropriate travel arrangements. Research cross couuntry moving companies in New York City, and decide if you can do all the packing yourself, or you need to hire the movers to help with this as well.

The bare necessities

If you have the time, try to sort your things before contacting New York City moving companies and get rid of any unnecessary items; give them to charity if they are in good condition, if not, just throw them out. This will definitely take more time than packing every little thing you own and then loading countless boxes into the truck, but it will also cost you a lot less.


Start looking for New York City moving companies a couple of months before you have to move out to make sure there is enough time to find a reliable one, but that doesn’t charge the highest rates on the market.

The season also plays a role in this; if you need to move during summer, you may have a hard time finding moving companies in New York City unless you book your spot well in advance. That happens because most people try to schedule their relocation when the weather is more favorable, that is, in summer, but also in spring and autumn. Moving in winter is not that easy, either, especially if your move date is close to a holiday. As if things weren’t complicated enough, the day of the week also has a bearing on your costs. Thus, moving during the weekend is more expensive than week-time relocation.

Check the company

While it makes sense to avoid overpaying, it also makes sense to avoid hiring any moving companies in New York City with the lowest fees out there. Or if you do, at least check that they have a solid track record of professionalism and reliability. Otherwise, you risk having your belongings seriously damaged or even stolen, which will cost you a lot more in the end.

The best way to find reliable moving companies in New York City is to get referrals from people you know; asking your realtor is another good starting place. If you do most of your research online, then make sure the websites provide unbiased feedback from real customers rather than paid-for reviews.

Once you have shortlisted a couple of New York City moving companies, ask for their references and DOT number to check they are insured. Also enquire whether they are the ones managing the move, or whether they are using a subcontractor.